WebHelp Weekly

We know that building web pages on the Tyndale website can be challenging — especially if you only do it every once in a while. We want to help by sharing some useful content with you on a more regular basis.

Each week (or so) we will send you an email that will focus on one website related topic. This may be a how-to tutorial, a note on best practices or announcements about new features on the website. This content will also be available on the Tyndale WebHelp website — so you can reference it anytime.

These emails will begin occasionally this summer and will arrive on a more regular basis starting this September. If you are an editor on the Tyndale website, you will automatically be added to the mailing list. If you are not an editor and woul like to be added to the list, please contact the Webteam

— The Tyndale Webteam