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Article Content Type

The Article Content Type (CT) will be replacing the News Release CT which will remain only for archival purposes. This new CT will provide a more flexible structure to post articles of different types as well as featured articles. This new CT will also give more flexibility as to what part of the website or landing page it will be displayed on.

Note: this content type is only available to the Marketing team. Please contact Marketing if you have article ideas that you would like to have published.

Below are the CT fields along with notes for each field.

» Article Title

Titles should be fairly short and descriptive of the content included in the article. The title will appear on the landing page alongside the image for the article. There will not longer be additional body text displayed in the lists of articles.

» Components

Articles are composed of one or many individual components. These components can be simple text boxes or more complex visual elements such as Feature Cards. For help creating Component based content, please see the Component Pages documentation on WebHelp. The Components available for this are:

  • Text with WYSIWYG Editor
  • Image Quote
  • Video
  • Feature Card with Image
  • Feature Card Text
  • Feature Card Links
  • Image Gallery
  • Audio File

» see for more details on these components.

» Article Teaser

The Article Teaser will be used to give a short snippet of the article in a couple of different places. The teaser may show up on one of the main landing pages if it is a featured article. The teaser will also show up on the main Article list and lists of Articles in each of the segments. This should be a short highlight from the Article about a paragraph long (~50-60 words and < 350 characters).

This is a plain-text field, meaning, you can not add things like links, photos or alter the text using bold or italics.

» Front Page Images

These image(s) will be used on the main landing page(s) to feature the Article. How this will look exactly is still to be determined. As with all images, please make sure you name them well. (see Naming Files documentation)

Wide Feature Image

This image will be used as the feature image on the main landing page as well as the Seminary landing page if they are set to display on them. The size and ratio of the University College landing page is TBD.

This is a 16:9 ratio image with the minimum size of 460x259 pixels. Larger images (up to 5 mb) can be uploaded, they will be automatically cropped to the right dimensions.

Square Feature Image

This image will be used as the feature image on all landing pages until we switch over to the new landing pages. This will replace what is currently called the “Spotlight Image” in the News Release CT. This may be used for the University College landing page, but this is still TBD.

This is a 1:1 ratio image (square) with the minimum size of 500x500 pixels. Larger images (up to 5 mb) can be uploaded, they will be automatically cropped to the right dimensions. These images will be cropped to 100x100 for the current landing pages but may appear larger in other areas.

» Article Header

You can give your article a special header if desired. This header will be comprised of a header image, the article title and an optional subtitle. Article headers will appear above the content in a full-width block.

— Align Title/Subtitle

When creating an article header, you can choose how to justify the title and subtitle on your header. Your options are, Left, Right or Centre. You can play around with this to see which works best with your image.

— Feature Cover Image

You can add an image here that will appear as the background for your header. The image will appear similar to and image quote in that it will have a dark layer overtop of the image. The title and optional subtitle will also appear as an overlay above this image.

— Subtitle

This is an optional field for your header. If a Feature Cover image is used, the Subtitle will appear below the main title in the article header. If no Feature Cover image is used, then the subtitle will be added to the post below the title in the regular content area.

» Meta Data

  • Release Date: Date that the article will be posted, the article will also be sorted by this date.
  • Featured Article: You can make some articles “Featured Articles”. These articles will appear in the featured spot (1) on the main landing page(s) until a newer featured article is posted. To make your article a Featured Article, check the “Featured on: [SEGMENT]” box for each of the main landing pages this article should be featured on. Be aware that when you feature your article, you are removing the current featured article from the featured spot on whichever landing page you select.
  • Display on Front Page: This will determine which (if any) front page(s) that the article will be displayed on. If a school-based segment is selected, this article will also appear on the segment list of articles (to be built).
  • School (URL Base): If the article is directly related to a specific school-based segment, you can select the school here. This will change the URL (address) to make it part of that school segment. If the article is not specific to one segment or spans multiple segments, choose “None” (the default). The URLs will be created as following:
    • None => …/article/[article-title]
    • University College => …/university/article/[article-title]
    • Seminary => …/seminary/article/[article-title]
  • Author: — You can assign an author bio to each article if desired, this is optional. Authors are a separate piece of content and need to be added and published before they can be selected here. You can select the Author for your article by starting to type in their name into the text field, any matching names will begin to appear — you can then choose them from the available options.
  • Related Articles: — Note: this field does not currently display anything on the article! This feature will be used in the future to highlight other related articles. At this point, there is not many articles and so we are not implementing this feature until there is more content. You can feel free to add content here, it will then appear once the feature us turned on.

» Images & Files

You can upload images or files here that you would like to use in your WYSIWYG content. Please only add files here that you need to use in the WYSIWYG text box. As with all images and files, please make sure you name them well. (see Naming Files documentation)