Roles and Site Sections

Roles (Permissions to Create)

Roles are groups of users with specific content creation and editing privileges on the Tyndale website. All Tyndale staff may have the role of “Authenticated User”—this is a basic account which allows you to log in to the website. Additional Roles may be assigned as required.

Role: Editor

This role will allow you to create content in the following Content Types: Basic Page, Webform, Events. This role is assigned after basic training has been taken – either through an in-class session or one-on-one training.

Specialty Roles

There are also a number of specialty roles that allow content management of specific content types such as Library eResources, Alumni News, Syllabi etc. These roles allow you to be able to create, edit and/or delete any content of that type whether you have created the content or it was content created by other users. These roles are assigned as needed. If you need to be assigned a specialty role, please contact the Webteam.

Site Sections (Permissions to Manage)

Site Sections are divisions on the website which facilitates shared management permissions. Content that is assigned to a Site Section is able to be managed (edited or deleted) by any other member added to that site section – whether they created the content or not. When a new project is created, a Site Section is setup for that project. This Site Section is assigned to all members of the project who will need to manage this content. This feature is extremely beneficial to department-run sections of the website.