Create a Top Banner Image

When creating a Basic Page or an Event, you have the option of uploading a banner image which will display across the top, directly under the main site menu and above your page content. You may wish to add this banner to further highlight important content.

If you have the capability of creating and resizing graphics for the web, you may create and upload these banners yourself. Below are some guidelines for how to do so. If not, please contact the webteam and we will be happy to help.

  • For a Basic Page, the dimensions of the top banner image are exactly 940 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. The filesize must be less than 80KB.

  • For an Event, the dimensions are 940 pixels wide and between 200 and 300 pixels high. The filesize must be less than 100KB.

  • For both content types, the image file format must be PNG, GIF, JPEG, or JPG.

  • To upload the image, find the Top Banner Image field while editing the Basic Page or Event. Click “Browse” or “Choose file”, navigate to the image file on your computer, click to select it, and click “Open”. Then click the “Upload” button next to the filename. When you save the page, the banner image will show up at the top.