Website Content Reviews for Accessibility

Most of you have already attended the Website Content Accessibility meeting held in late 2017 and now understand our ethical and legal requirements to make all content on the Tyndale website accessible to users with disabilities.

To many, going back over all of your existing content and correcting accessibility issues seemed like a huge task and very time consuming — but don't worry, we have a plan!

So here’s the plan…

The Marketing Webteam has been able to hire a short-term student worker to help us work through accessibility issues of existing website content.

This student worker will be going systematically through key sections of the Tyndale website reviewing content and correcting accessibility related issues. Here are some of the changes he will be making to comply with accessibility laws:

Please see the Technical Audit Checklist for a complete list of what is reviewed in a Technical Audit.


We will complete a report of everything that has been changed at the completion of each of the site section reviews. These reports will be sent to the key content contributor for that site section.

These reports will also include any content that we feel may benefit from using the new Component Pages content type that we announced at the accessibility meeting.

We hope that this plan will relieve some of the stress you may have been feeling as well as get us as close to compliance as possible. Any questions regarding this can be directed to Andy Smith.