Upcoming Changes to the Tyndale Website Headers & Navigation

The Tyndale website is divided into three distinct sections — called Segments. These are:

Each of these segments already have a distinct footer. Soon, each segment will have a distinct header (the top portion of the website) as well. Along with these new headers will come a significant change in the main menu navigation system.

Segment Headers

Each of these segments will have a distinct header to help visitors understand what segment they are in and help market specifically to each target audience.

The General and Seminary segments will have headers that are similar to what is currently on the website with some small changes. The University College segment will have a header that is quite distinct from the other segments and different from what we have currently. Screenshots of the new headers are posted at the end of this article.

New Navigation System

Currently, the main menu is exactly the same on every page published on Tyndale.ca. This is about to change. In the new system, there will be a separate main menu for each of the three segments.

The General menu is designed to aid visitors into getting to the other two segments or finding content that is not specific to either.

The links included in the General menu are: About, TyndaleU, Tyndale Seminary, Centres, News, Events, Resources, Alumni, Give, Contact.

The school-based segment menus will have links that lead to content that is specific to their segment. The links included in these menus are as follows:

University College Menu: About, Academics, Become a Student, Student Life, Resources, Contact, Apply, Visit, Give.

Seminary Menu: About, Academics, Admissions, Student Life, Resources, Contact, Apply, Visit, Give.

Keep watching for more changes to our website in the coming weeks!

Header Screenshots

Below are simple screenshots of what the new headers will look like. You can click on the image to view the image in full-size.

General Segment Header

General Segment header screenshot

Seminary Segment Header

Seminary header screenshot

University College Segment Header

University College header screenshot

If you have any comments or questions regarding these upcoming changes, please connect with Andy Smith, Website Administrator and Lead Developer.