Component — Image Gallery

Image Galleries are a collection of images in a gallery — yah pretty simple eh!

» View an Image Gallery example

Choose “Image Gallery” as your Page Component Type and then click on the button labeled “Add new Page Component”. Note that if you already have some component on your page, the button will read “Add another Page Component”.

Add a Title

You can optionally add a title to your Image Gallery — this will appear above the images. This should be a single line of text rather than a paragraph.

Add Your Images

You can upload images/photos from your computer by clicking on the “Browse” button and then locating the file on your computer. Each photo will need to be added individually.

Please use the Alternate text field on each image to describe the image for the benefit of non-sighted users. For more information, see

Optionally, you can also use the Title field to create a caption for the image. This should not be the same as the alt text. The alt text describes the image for those who can’t see it, the title field is any additional information you want to add for the benefit of all users.

For example, the alt text might read “A black and white cat with a collar looking upward.” and the title field might read “My cat, Chile.”

The order of your images can be changed by moving them using the cross icon on the top-left of each image.

Image Types

You may use images of different sizes (big or small) and orientations (landscape, portrait or square) in your gallery, but galleries that contain images of similar size and orientation do tend to look best — but that’s up to you! Your image files will need to be in PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEG format to be uploaded.

Note for iPhone Users

If you have an iPhone and have updated to iOS 11 or higher, the photos taken on your phone may be in a different format (HEIC) and will not be able to uploaded directly. You can export your photos to the JPG format from your phone. Alternatively, you can set your iPhone to shoot JPGs rather than HEIC. To do this go to Settings>Camera>Formats and then select Most Compatible.