Technical Audit

When you send your website content out for review, your content goes through a "Technical Audit" prior to being published live.

What is a Technical Audit?

When your website content is ready to be published, you change the workflow state to “Ready for Review”, a member of the WebTeam is then notified.

The WebTeam member will open your new content and review it from a technical perspective. This is not a qualitative review. We do not review content for spelling, grammar or writing style. We are not moderating what can or should be communicated. This review is to ensure that there are no technical issues that would hinder your content from being effective. (…we help correct simple mistakes like spelling errors if we see them of course…)

Please note that we also perform ongoing audits of content that has already been published. Content that has introduced issues since it's first audit may be flagged for review for the following reasons: outdated information, accessibility issues, implementation challenges or redundant/duplicate information. Content that is flagged will remain published but may require some attention to stay published long-term. Some content may eventually be flagged for removal (unpublished) if the issues cannot be addressed.

What does a Technical Audit include?

  • URL Review — we review the URL (Universal Resource Locator, or website address) that has been chosen to make sure that it has been added and is correct.
  • Menu Review — we review whether or not the content has been added to a menu and whether or not it is in the correct menu. Not all content needs to be added to menus.
  • File Name Review — we review the names of your files (images, PDFs etc.) to make sure they are correct (no spaces, special characters etc.)
  • Accessibility Review — content is reviewed for accessibility issues which will include:
  • Mobile Friendliness Review — content will be reviewed to ensure that it has been created in a way that will work well on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. A Mobile Friendliness review will include:
    • Review of image sizes to ensure that they are appropriate — this includes both file sizes and pixel dimensions.
    • Review of content that has been added without the use of the WYSIWYG editor or tries to override the styles in the editor. Note: all styles included in the WYSIWYG editor have been built to meet these standards, using the included styles will ensure a successful review.
We have provided a Technical Audit Checklist for you. You can use this checklist before you submit your content to make sure you all set!

What do I need to do if my content does not meet the technical requirements of the audit?

From time-to-time you may miss one of the requirements of the technical audit. You may have forgotten to add the URL or to add alternative text to your images… that’s not a problem, we just need to have the issues fixed before your content can be published.

If your content does not meet the technical requirements, you will be given the details pertaining to why it doesn’t pass and be given links to the documentation on how you can fix it. Your content will also be switched back to the “Draft” workflow state.

Once you have corrected the issues, you can use workflow again to change your content back to “Ready for Review”. You can always leave a note for the reviewer to help them know what you have done to correct the issues.

If you are unsure how to fix the issues or require help from a WebTeam member, please submit a HelpDesk request and we will address your request in priority sequence.

Every once in a while we may see content that needs to be at a higher quality for non-technical reasons. We may connect with you to help you with these issues if they occur.