Changes to the Events Content Type

"Events" is one of the most used Content Types on the Tyndale website. The Webteam is continually trying to make creating this type of content more straightforward and flexible.

Here are a few recent changes to be aware of when posting your events on the Tyndale Website.

Event Categories

The event category is used to group events in different lists. For example, a list of all Campus Visit Events can be crafted from all events in the Campus Visit category. Previously we had two different category types that you needed to select — the second one was labeled “Display Section”.

The Display Section category has been removed and is no longer required for event categorization.

You may now simply select the event category that best fit your event. If you are unsure what category to put your event in, please choose “General”. If you think that there needs to be additional categories created, please contact Andy Smith in the Marketing office.

Events of Interest to Alumni

If your event may be of interest to the Tyndale Alumni, please let us know! There is a (fairly) new field when creating your event labeled “Events of interest to Alumni”, if your event is open to Alumni, please select “Yes”. Events that are of interest to the Alumni will appear in an events list in the Alumni section of the website.

Please note, this should be used for larger conferences and events, but not used for ongoing events such as Chapels.